The Government Primary School, Mekalamandi (GPS) follows educational curriculum followed by all Government Primary Schools in Telangana. It’s co-curriculum activities are planned and executed by the school management to achieve its specific goals.

At GPS, the key competencies that are developed are:

  • Thinking.
  • Using language, symbols, and texts.
  • Managing self.
  • Relating to others.
  • Participating and contributing.

These key competencies are an important part of child’s learning at school. They are included in the curriculum and co-curriculum program at GPS and are woven into all the teaching and activities that take place.

Key competencies are not just for school, but for life. The child uses these key competencies in many different situations at home, at sport, at cultural occasions, and eventually at work.


  • State Government Syllabus
  • Digital Learnings
  • Interactive Class Room


  • Fine Arts
  • Sports
  • Photography
  • Crafts

Learning is Joy.
So is Sportsmanship.

Fine Arts

The GPS Mekalamandi school encourages students to participate in major Fine Arts activities such as Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting, Elocution and many more. Also the school trains prospective students in above activities and creates opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities.


The GPS Mekalamandi school encourages students to engage in sports activities to promote physical wellbeing while pursuing academic interests. The sports activities include volley ball, throw ball, kabaddi, kho kho among many others.


The GPS Mekalamandi school trains students in amateur photography. The photography experts from the industry are invited to provide basic training on various aspects of modern photography.


The GPS Mekalamandi school trains students in various crafts such as pottery, toy making, embroidery, science models, to name a few.

Interactive Class Room

Engaging students through interactive learning activities promotes independent thinking skills. To maximise the learning experience, teachers need to stimulate students to be active learners through questioning, enquiring, responding and critically analysing a variety of questions and situations.